Innovation policy the Netherlands
Innovative businesses can help develop solutions to major social issues like global food security, ageing populations or life-threatening diseases. By developing new products they can also gain access to new markets. Innovation boosts economic growth and creates jobs. The innovative top sectors of the Netherlands are among the world’s best. The government wants to further strengthen the international position and stimulates innovative enterprises. The Netherlands has nine top sectors; Horticulture and propagation materials, Agri-food, Water, Life sciences and health, Chemicals, High tech, Energy, Logistics and Creative industries. The government, private sector, universities and research centres are working together in the Top Sector Alliance for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) to make top sectors even stronger. The Netherlands is strong in Public Private Partnership.

Innovation policy Singapore
Singapore, a small, high density country without natural recourses, strives to develop a knowledge-based Innovation-driven economy and become a Smart Nation. Research and Innovation are the key pillars for economic competiveness and to face the future national challenges like an ageing community and to create high educated jobs. Singapore is systematically putting in place the infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities that will power the Smart Nation vision that is enabled by digital technologies. The government has committed $19 billion (from 2016 to 2020) to research, innovation and enterprise for – the RIE2020 Plan, to take Singapore to the next stage of development. Singapore encourages stronger cooperation between research and industry and focusses on value creation. Singapore prioritised four strategic technology domains to have competitive advantages and/or important national needs; Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME), Health and Biomedical Sciences (HBMS), Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS) and Services and Digital Economy (SDE).

The Netherlands government cooperates with Singapore and Malaysia on several topics like ageing society, smart city and water management. The Holland Innovation Network organised inspiring government missions to the Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia to discuss innovation policy.