Meet our new Innovation Advisor: Natalie Koot!

In News by Elsbeth Nijhuis

Last week I started as Advisor for Innovation, Technology and Science for the Holland Innovation Network at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore. I am excited to contribute to maintaining and expanding meaningful collaborations between the Netherlands and Singapore, focusing on bringing together governments, universities and companies to enable and progress innovative developments.

Before this I was working at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, a research institute of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), comparing innovation ecosystems in a number of city regions around the world. As part of my last role I am already quite familiar with the ambitious plans of smart nation Singapore.  My background is in policy research and  I have worked in several roles within Government and Parliament in the Netherlands.  I have developed a passion for and experience with the Dutch innovation agenda through my previous role as project lead for the Innovation Platform, a think tank headed by prime minister Balkenende to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship (the Innovation Platform was amongst others instrumental to developing the Dutch Top Sector approach). A recurring theme during my career is developing policies, advice and delivering projects through strong collaboration of governments, knowledge institutes and/or companies.

The Holland Innovation Network at the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore focusses on innovation, technology and science collaborations between Singapore and the Netherlands. By organizing seminars and workshops the team informs and inspires about topics such as policy innovation, autonomous driving and robotics. The Holland Innovation Network writes articles to inform Dutch government agencies, knowledge institutes and companies about developments in Singapore. The team in Singapore consists of Natalie Koot, Astrid Seegers and Elsbeth Nijhuis and can be contacted via