Partners for International Business Cluster ReCirc visits Singapore during April 16-20 Inception Mission

In Energy & Environment, News, Resource Recovery by Astrid Seegers

After a successful start of the Partners for International Business cluster ‘ReCirc Singapore’ on December 15 last year in the Netherlands, the ReCirc cluster visited Singapore from April 16th – 20th . During this ‘Inception Mission’, representatives of the cluster visited and consulted several existing and proposed Singaporean market parties, research institutes and governmental bodies, leading to knowledge exchange, a promising outlook on collaboration and business opportunities in the field of Resource Recovery for Zero Waste Solutions for the Participants and Partners.

The aim of the visit was to explore the current status, actions, projects and/or line of thinking in Singapore for the 6 sub-goals of the cluster ReCirc Singapore:

  1. Incinerated Bottom Ash and Fly Ash Treatment
  2. Sorting, Separating, Segregating and Recycling of Urban Waste
  3. Integrated Recovery of Renewable Energy and Resources from Waste, Water and Sludge
  4. Packaging and Plastic Waste Management and Treatment
  5. Food Waste Management, Treatment and Resource Recovery
  6. E-waste Handling and Recovery of Valuable Materials

Of special interest was the ‘Closing the Waste Loop Initiative’ as developed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA), with its current requests for proposals for the sustainable design and value recovery from plastics and utilization of incineration ash for landfill conservation.

As a next step, the PIB ReCirc will focus on its formal introduction to Singapore during Singapore International Water Week and the Clean Enviro Summit from July 8 – 12 and its subsequent Resource Recovery workshop on July 13.

More info?

If you are interested to learn more about circular economy, ReCirc and the activities in 2018, please contact the Holland Innovation Network of the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore via: sin-ia[at]minbuza[dot]nl