Meet the Dutch Robotic Delegation

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Date:               Thursday 2 November, Friday 3 November
Venue:            Singapore International Robo Expo 2017, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

From 30 October – 3 November 2017 a delegation of Dutch robotic companies will visit Singapore.
They will be present at the Singapore International Robo Expo 2017 (SIRE2017).
The delegation will be available for 1-1 meetings to share their technologies, learn about developments in Singapore and explore partnerships and collaborations.

Interested to meet the companies?
Please send an email to Astrid Seegers and Dana van der Zee, Holland Innovation Network of the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore via sin-ia[at]minbuza[dot]nl.

  • Name of the Dutch company(/ies) interested in
  • Company profile, specific interest (collaboration, distribution, partnership etc.)
  • Preferred date:            Thursday 2 November or Friday 3 November
  • Preferred timeslot:     Morning or Afternoon

The 1-1 meetings take place at SIRE2017. To visit SIRE2017, please register as trade visitor.

Overview of the Dutch Delegation  

Holland Robotics

Willem Endhoven, CEO

Holland Robotics
Holland Robotics represents all Dutch companies and knowledge institutes that are active within the field of Robotics. Driving innovation in the field of Robotics and alignment of the Dutch Robotics community are two of the main goals of Holland Robotics. Founding members of Holland Robotics are: Demcon, Lely, Philips, RoboValley, VanderLande, VDLETG and the universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Twente, VU Amsterdam and Wageningen. Holland Robotics is initiated and organised by HighTechNL, the Dutch association of companies and knowledge institutes in the HighTech Industry.Holland Robotics is the one and only ‘brance like’ organisation which stands above all stakeholders within ecosystem.Holland Robotics is looking at the demand side and bottlenecks Singapore is confronted with. Where is/lies the need for joint development/innovative solutions. During their visit, Holland Robotics has 3 focus points:

  1. Unify Dutch Robotic landscape in its diversification > previous situation was fragmented and not up to strategic (international) challenges
  2. Focus on enterprise driven R&D, develop roadmaps on cross over themes > robotics and agri/medical/inspection&maintenance (harbour)/logistics
  3. Shaping a sustainable and competitive Dutch robotic ecosystem both nationally and internationally


 Jan Leideman, Business Unit Manager


DEMCON is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with as focus areas high-tech, medical , embedded, optomechatronic and industrial systems & vision. DEMCON is a fast-growing business that supports clients with a wide range of competencies. As a system supplier, DEMCON can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. In more than 20 years, the business has grown to become the DEMCON Group (with more than 350 employees in 2017).Demcon has a cross over approach, covering whole chain from fundamental concept to commercial production, AI and Deep learning knowledge robots. Demcon focuses on robotics and tailor made/cross over solutions. Demcon is looking for partners and cases concerning Robotics and medical applications: DEMCON offers you and your clients the entire needs, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. Furthermore, Demcon has a special interest in identifying partners and other parties within the robotics services sector (eg. inspection of pipelines/tunnels).

Exact Dynamics

 Harry Stuyt, Director

Exact Dynamics
Since more than 25 years worldwide leading producer of robot manipulators to be used especially by severely physically challenged and wheelchair bounded people. The company is best known by the robotic manipulator it produces, called the iARM. Keywords for Exact Dynamics are assistive robotics, service robotics, safety, light weight, low-cost.During their visit to Singapore, Exact Dynamics is exploring the market possibilities. International cooperation is an opportunity for development of new arm. Exact Dynamics is looking into connections in the areas of software, especially application specific, and ROS knowledge.

Aquatic Drones

 Maarten Ruyssenaers, CEO

Aquatic Drones
Using drone technology opens the way to cheaper solutions for securing higher quality solutions. Aquatic drones are smart and clean boats equipped with multiple sensors for data gathering on the water surface and underwater. The full data services will soon be offered for autonomous data collection and monitoring of waterways and marine ecosystems, including with automatic data analysis and interpretation. Affordable, clean and secure more data and insight for port and water (road) administrators. On the specific and high needs of the Port of Rotterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Aquatic Drones is developing and optimizing the autonomous boat fully equipped with sensory for bathymetry and inspections of quays. The aquatic drone is thoroughly tested and demonstrated in relevant environments over several months and weather conditions. More Application areas are: (1) inspection of dykes, locks, bridges and dams; (2) water quality measurements (3) surveillance and monitoring; (4) fish population counts; (5) inspection of wind turbines on sea.Aquatic drones has developed a unique three-tier approach concerning harbor management:

  1. Its multi-purpose navigation platform is fully weather proof with a modular design.
  2. The platform (4,5 by 2 meter) is fully autonomous and can be remotely controlled.
  3. It manages and optimises all relevant required data.

Further, aquatic drones works fully ecologically (electrically driven). Currently, a pilot is executed in the Port of Rotterdam in close cooperation with ‘Rijkswaterstaat’  Aquatic drones is interested in cooperation with Singaporese port authorities and other possible partners for cooperation (inland waterways as well). Aquatic Drones want to explore the possibilities to work with local partners to establish a ‘sister company’ in Asia with sound knowledge of market, culture and policies.


 Jordy Vos, Project Manager

Witteveen+Bos is an engineering and consultancy firm that provides services in the sectors water, infrastructure, the environment and construction. With more than 1000 employees, the firm focuses primarily on complex projects requiring advanced knowledge and an integrated approach. Witteveen+Bos is developing and implementing the concept of “industry 4.0” in the building construction industry. Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Examples of what Witteveen+Bos currently is working on are; Digital Design such as 3D-7D BIM (Building Information Management) and Digital Construction such as 3D-concrete printing.Witteveen+Bos wants to explore:

  • the building engineering and construction industry on the state of the art of “industry 4.0” and precast/prefabrication of buildings in the in the region of Singapore. Witteveen + Bos want to identify Singaporean parties currently working on the “industry 4.0”
  • the building engineering and construction industry on experienced collaboration partners for development and implementing of “industry 4.0” and precast/prefabrication in the construction industry
  • the building engineering and construction industry for potential clients for implementing our technologies on the field of “industry 4.0” (Digital Design such as 3D-7D BIM, smart data exchange and 3D-concrete printing)

Wittveen + Bos want to look at customers and potential collaborators in the following type of organisations:

  • Construction companies/contracts
  • Precast suppliers
  • Governments authorities
  • Engineering firms
  • Innovative start-ups

University of Twente 


Iddo Bante, Business Developer



The University of Twente
The University of Twente performs user-inspired research, focusing on real-world challenges. Within robotics, focus is on human in the loop: People-centered-Robotics. This implies that robot solutions should be able to deal with not-well defined environments (e.g. human body/tissues/organs, inspection, maintenance, tele-manipulation). As part of this, the combination of sensors and actuators to achieve co-existing and co-working are researched, with which solutions are sought for natural interaction between human being and technology. Research in robotics is covering a large part of the TRL chain together with partners within an innovative ecosystem. University of Twente will also represent the Dutch Ibotics institute (TNO).During their visit to Singapore, University of Twente is looking for possible academic and industrial partners. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics is posing challenges in combining these separate worlds. It is of large interest to know how Singapore tackles these issue and also looking at legal issues, ethical issues and social acceptance of robotics.

Jasper Kerkwijk, Advisor High Tech


Supporting international companies to start up or expand in Europe. Helping innovative entrepreneurs to move forward and accelerate. Giving start-ups and growing SME companies a capital boost. That, in brief, is what East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) is doing. Our region has a strong focus on robotics in various application areas. MRI compatible assistive robots, inspection robots for harsh environments, harvest robots for the agricultural sector, exoskeletons for rehabilitation and drone center Space53are all just some examples. Driving force within our ecosystem is the excellent research performed by the University of Twente, Nijmegen and Wageningen. Oost NL is linking pin in this ecosystem and connects knowledge, business and funding.During their visit to Singapore, Oost NL is looking into interfaces/similarities on technological and market oriented fields.
Brainport Industries

John Blankendaal, Managing Director

Brainport Industries
Tier-one, tier-two and tier-three suppliers in the open High-Tech supply chain in The Netherlands have joined forces to create Brainport Industries. Brainport Industries designs, develops and manufactures leading, advanced, precise and intelligent high tech equipment. Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, market or people. It’s an environment that provides for a continuing flow of knowledge workers and experts and enables suppliers to increase their output and steadily grow into market leaders.
Brabant Development Agency

Michel Weeda,
Program Manager High Tech & Services

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is committed to the sustainable development of the economy in Brabant. We do this by investing in businesses, attracting foreign companies and forging (regional, national and international) partnerships. BOM has helped companies in Brabant grow their business since its establishment in 1983. With the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of Noord-Brabant as its shareholders, BOM plays an active and stimulating role in the economy of Brabant.Within the BOM region, there are high tech manufacturing companies in various application areas. The region had varies development of start-ups medical robotics for surgery. BOM is looking for possible triple helix approaches (company-knowledge-government) and bilateral connection for cooperation (two-ways).

Willemien de Vogel – van Musschenbroek Greve
Senior Account manager High Tech & Smart Industry


InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the South Holland province, which is the West part of the Netherlands. In close cooperation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions and government organizations, InnovationQuarter supports technological developments, encourages entrepreneurship and invests in startup companies. InnovationQuarter has a dedicated team in place to actively attract foreign companies and investors and facilitate them in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding business in this region. We connect you with our tailor-made know-how and key networks especially in sectors such as Life Sciences & Health, Cleantech (including Water & Deltatechnology, Biobased Economy, Sustainable Energy, Industrial Biotech), Safety & Security, Horticulture & Agrifood, High Tech & Smart Industry and Maritime Industry.InnovationQuarter wants to earn generic expertise on robotics. IQ’s ambitions have turned towards the Robotics sectors, in which Singapore is seen as Asia hub.
Shadana Innovation Management & Consultancy

Ms. Sandy Kalisingh, Business Director

Shadana Innovation Management & Consultancy
Shadana Innovation Management & Consultancy is an independent company which has a track record within: Medical Devices, Robotics, as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Domain, regarding commercial as well as non-profit research structures.Shadana Innovation Management & Consultancy bridges the gaps between different parties by combining crossover solutions from different domains, enabled by a strong network of world-level experts in the field. Robotics is a rapidly expanding field which is expected to grow in the face of demographic change (ageing), expected shortages and calls for innovation in this domain.Shadana want to explore opportunities for Dutch Robotics Sector (generic, with special expertise in health and ICT), and look for strategic follow-up. Shadana is multidisciplinary, with special knowledge in Medical and ICT field, experience and contribution through recent Robotics/Japan mission. During the mission, Shadana feed high tech NL with valuable networks and matches and strategically explore SING Robo innovation hubs and markets.