Successful Interactive Resource Recovery for Zero Waste Systems Workshop

In Energy & Environment, News, Resource Recovery by Astrid Seegers

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) ReCirc Singapore launched itself to Southeast Asia during a hands-on workshop on July 13th 2018. After a successful Inception Mission in April, the workshop presented the opportunity to move into the creation of partnerships with Singaporean and Dutch companies and establish a network for collaboration in the field or Resource Recovery and Integrated System Solutions.

Throughout the preceding Singapore International Water Week and Clean Enviro Summit Singapore, cluster representatives participated in matchmaking sessions, seminars on circular industrial parks, city and transboundary solutions, and networking events. The week culminated in PPP’s full day workshop at Citizen Farm, an agricultural hub revolutionizing urban farming in Singapore.

The workshop focused on establishing Singaporean-Dutch R&D and business partnerships to develop and implement smart solutions within a five to ten year timeframe. The workshop was split into two main events. The first involved focus groups with four fields of consideration:

  1. Incinerated Bottom Ash and Fly Ash
  2. Plastic Waste Upcycling
  3. Resource Recovery from Used Water and Sludge
  4. Food Waste Systems

The second was an Integrated Zero Waste Systems seminar which combined the knowledge, discussions, and conclusions from the individual sessions into interactive and circular systems. The workshop was a great success towards creating intercontinental partnerships seeking to balance circularity and strong economic systems.

As a follow-up, Recirc is looking forward to the Amsterdam International Water Week Summit 2018 hosted in Rotterdam from November 14-16. This event will be a stepping stone towards the Amsterdam International Week in 2019 from November 4-8.

Also, activities in Singapore will develop along the lines of the four focus groups. A full report on the workshop and further steps is expected in September 2018. Any parties interested to affiliate or keep informed are invited to visit or send further inquires to: